About Us

We are a precision oncology company using functional genomics to pioneer treatments that improve the lives of patients with rare cancers.


Fore Bio is a next-generation precision oncology company. Using our functional genomics platform, we are hyper-targeting therapies to unaddressed tumor mutations to benefit patients with few therapeutic alternatives. Our mission is to provide “1-to-1” matching between patients and new treatments tailored to them and providing broad access with speed and quality.


Our work is driven by a passion for helping provide patients with hard-to-treat cancers access to the right medicines. Our commitment to innovation is inspired above all else by our dedication to our patients, their families, our employees, and the communities that we serve. These principles have led us to unprecedented breakthroughs that can help facilitate longer, healthier lives for our patients, so that they can spend less time thinking about cancer and more time enjoying life.

Patient First

We are committed to transformative change in treatment paradigms for difficult cancers, making a real impact in the lives of patients and caregivers, and above all, putting the patient at the heart of all decisions.


Our work at Fore is hypothesis driven, evidence based, and innovation focused.


In order to deliver high impact performance, we are tenacious, passionate, and persevering, with an unrelenting focus on making a real impact in the lives of patients.


We take personal accountability for our own actions and their consequences. We employ creativity and problem-solving with and across diverse views and experiences, always setting the bar for quality, integrity, transparency, and trust.


We take pride in and have respect for multiculturalism, intentionally building bridges towards diverse views & experiences. We are kind and respectful to colleagues, partners, and stakeholders, and we engage in healthy habits, a balanced lifestyle, and sharing joy in order to build, inspire, and engage in high performance teams.


Fore Bio was founded in 2011 as NovellusDx. The Novellus founders leveraged deep experience in synthetic biology, bioinformatics and drug development to formulate an algorithm that could identify and functionally classify rare cancer-driving mutations. Over the next several years, Novellus’s founders in Jerusalem continued to iterate on this technology and expand its capabilities. The current Fore leadership team saw this powerful functional genomics platform as an opportunity to match patients with these rare mutations to clinically validated therapies. It is a completely novel approach to precision cancer drug development that can both treat rarer, unaddressed cancer mutations and potentially accelerate bringing new medicines to market.

In early 2021, Novellus completed this transformation by rebranding as Fore Biotherapeutics, honoring the company’s new forward-thinking mindset to in-license experimental therapies and advance them for patient use. In May 2021, Fore continued this progress by establishing its global headquarters in the US.

We are continuing to grow our team in the US while also maintaining a strong research presence in Rehovot. Fore’s history will continue to evolve as we expand our team and add new therapies to our pipeline. If you’re interested in joining our efforts to develop a new paradigm of targeted oncology treatment, learn more about our team below.