We aim to provide rapid and high quality access to the right medicines for the right patients with the hardest-to-treat cancers.


We are creating a pipeline of precision oncology treatments aimed at patients with unaddressed mutations across well-established oncology targets.

Lead Program

Plixorafenib Program

Our lead program focuses on Plixorafenib, an investigational drug identified by our platform for its ability to inhibit a wide range of untreated mutations in cancer cells that have historically been understudied or not well understood.

Our Technology

Foresight Platform

In order for us to address the unmet needs of our diverse patient population with mutations of unknown significance, we have developed Foresight, a groundbreaking, AI-driven, functional genomics platform that allows us to “match” patients with unaddressed mutations to clinic-ready therapies on a “1-to-1” basis. 

Clinical Trials

Following strong preclinical results, we’re currently running clinical trials

Following strong preclinical results, an active phase 1/2 study is currently underway to assess the safety and pharmacokinetics of our lead candidate Plixorafenib in patients with advanced, unresectable solid tumors.

The safety and efficacy of the following investigational compounds have not been established. These uses have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or other regulatory authorities.


Exceptional research depends on exceptional people

Located in the biotech and biomedical research hubs of Philadelphia and Rehovot, Israel, the Fore campus features state-of-the-art laboratory space and facilities for genomics, computing, microscopy, and more.


Join a growing leader in the biotech industry.


We put strategic partnerships at the heart of our approach. We focus on in-licensing clinic-ready compounds and can accommodate a wide range of partnering structures.


Fore is backed by top investors with deep industry knowledge and a successful history of forming some of the world’s leading oncology companies.

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